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Get your varsity jacket(also known as a letterman jacket) at Canton Embroidery!

These are the finest varsity jackets money can buy, and are completed in house. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. These jackets will last you through all your high schools years and beyond. Our Varsity Team will help fit you, set up your letter, awards, emblems and pins in the approved and correct position. Make sure your varsity jacket is designed in the correct fashion at Canton Embroidery.

If you live in Canton, or Plymouth, there is a good chance we have your varsity jacket in stock.

If your school is not one of your stock jackets, there will be an additional $20 shipping fee.

STOCK JACKETS without shoulder inserts = $290 starting price

STOCK JACKETS with shoulder inserts = $315 starting price

SPECIAL ORDER JACKETS = starting prices may vary

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